Visual APC 2015 features:

Model Predictive Control

The MPC controller block brings the power of linear and nonlinear models prediction to optimize your control loops strategy. Your controller predicts what will happen and takes optimal moves to achieve your control objectives.

Software Sensors

Great alternative to difficult measurements, it is online and much faster than laboratory analysis!

Fuzzy Logic

The best of fuzzy controllers technologies in a simple drag and drop block.

Real Time Optimization

Optimal process parameters for changing external variables. Embed current market prices in your optimization strategy!

Scripts and Custom Functions

The power of process knowledge. Embed your own control logic and calculations. Support for external Fortran, C/C++ and .NET code!

Easy Editor

Power tools with simple drag and drop

OPC communication

Full compatibility with most DCS and PLC vendors and OPC Servers.

Databases and Files

Easy connection with most popular databases systems.


PID controller, performance assessment and tunning in the easy way.


Evaluate your PID and MPC control loops and compare.

and more!

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